6 Best Productivity Apps in 2019

We all find ways to enhance productivity in our day to day life. One of the best companions in increasing productivity in our regular life can be our Smartphone. There are plenty of productivity apps in the market that you can install and use in your devices.

Here is the list of best productivity apps:


IFTTT or If This Then That allows you to stay productive in a fun and exciting way. You can easily connect services and applications, and create applets using this app. Save the time that you use in repetitive tasks and let this app handle it for you.

2. Forest

If you waste most of your time on social media app, Forest app is the best solution for you to stay productive. It lets you set the timer and focus on a task that you are doing. You grow a virtual plant with the passing time, and if you leave the app in between, your tree will die. With the pro version, you can grow a plant in real life as well.

3. Skype

If you work remotely and wish to enhance not only your productivity but also of your team, Skype is the perfect solution for you. You can stay in touch with others in an ideal manner through text, video and voice call. Also, you can share files and talk in groups as it comes with group chat options. 

4. Pocket

Keep your life organized and productive by reading the best content available on the internet through the Pocket app. This app allows users to save any piece of content they like and read it later on even if they are offline. The pocket app can be your best travel companion and will boost your productivity while you are traveling around.

5. Toggle

Track the exact time you give on a particular project at work along with the idle time with the Toggle.

It helps you count the time you have been productive with your work. This app is beneficial for both individuals and the team. Use this app and make the most out of the workplace.

6. LastPass

We often create new accounts and waste time in guessing an out of the box username and password. The password managers are the best solution for creating a new password as well as storing all of your account’s password. LastPass is one of the best password managers among plenty of other options. Use it in your device and keep all passwords safe and secured, and generate new passwords with ease.


Productivity apps are helpful in both personal and professional life. This blog lets you know about the best productivity apps that you can use in your everyday life. Install all of them or the ones that you like the most.

Ava Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Ava Williams has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup.

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