8 Tips and Tricks to Boost your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi speed is getting slow or Wi-Fi network isn’t good and has a sluggish Wi-Fi signal. If your Wi-Fi signal is weak or connection is slow, then you can resolve this issue by speeding up the Wi-Fi.

Here are some general tips that you can use to boost your Wi-Fi.

1. A Simple Reboot

It is an IT advice that is timeless; it is also applicable on your Wi-Fi router. If your Wi-Fi isn’t working well switch it off and on again. A normal reboot is sometimes enough to fix your Wi-Fi problem. Rebooting will clear your router’s memory and improve your Wi-Fi speed.

2. Put your Wi-Fi router to the right place

The router location also matters, not every place is good for a Wi-Fi router. Electromagnetic waves also affect your Wi-Fi performance. Keep your router away from metal or appliances that are emitting an electromagnetic wave. Try to position your Wi-Fi into the center to get a better signal. Avoid placing it near the electric wires and put it to a maximum height to boost the signal quality.

3. Move your router within the maximum range

The range of commercial routers is mostly up to 100-150 feet. If the devices you’re using Wi-Fi is out of the maximum range from your routers, then this will be the reason for lousy signal quality. Move your device as possible as to the router, or you can use a range extender.

4. Clear obstructions from router’s route

Make sure that any physical obstruction doesn’t impede your Wi-Fi Signal. Physical Object like Cabinet doors, furniture, appliances, and even wall can weaken your Wi-Fi signal. Position your Wi-Fi router clear from obstructions or remove the obstacles if possible to get a better Wi-Fi signal.

5. Update your Wi-Fi Router

Malware attacks are also behind the Wi-Fi issue you’re facing. If malware infects your Wi-Fi router once, then it will take bandwidth and spread it across the network. If your router is up to date, then these malware attacks would not be possible. So always keep your router updated.

6. Use a Strong Antenna

Most of the Wi-Fi comes with weak and small antennas. Standard Wi-Fi antenna that comes with the routers is small and has 4dB gain only. A 10dB antenna is up to 15 inches long. You can buy and use a new more powerful Wi-Fi antenna to boost your Wi-Fi network.

7. Adjust the Router’s Antenna

Just adjusting your router’s antenna can also boost your signal quality. And adjusting an antenna is too easy; positioning antenna in 90 degrees gives a better signal.

8. Use a Wi-Fi Booster

Wi-Fi Booster is also known by some other name extender or repeaters. All these are the same and also work the same. It can connect to the router without disturbing your router and connected item. Buy a router with good reviews and boost your Wi-Fi.

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