How to Fix Echo Wall Clock

Do not throw away your Echo Wall Clock if it malfunctions. Follow the below-given tips to fix the issues. Lately, Amazon cuts out on the sale of Amazon Echo because of some problems. Some users were unable to connect their clock with their smart speakers

 If it doesn’t connect to the speakers, then Echo Wall Clock is just a standard clock. There isn’t any need to send it back and keep waiting for the new clock. Go through these simple fixes to get done with it.

Check the batteries

At times, the “Echo Wall Clock” will tell the time but it won’t show the timers then here is a simple fix up. Batteries that come with the clock aren’t usually great.

  1. Try to use a fresh set of batteries.
  2. Take out the batteries and put them back.
  3. Users can troubleshoot the issue of connectivity.
  4. Everything should work well if the LED has turned out to be blue.
  5. When you are not even using batteries and still facing the problem.
  6. Take a nap of 30 seconds and unplug power.
  7. Plug it back.
  8. Set the clock again.
  9. Reset the Bluetooth again
  10. Disconnect clock from Bluetooth.
  11. Pair it again.
  12. Open the Alexa app.
  13. Go to the home screen and Click on Devices icon.
  14. Choose the clock.
  15. Click Forget Device.
  16. Open Menu.
  17. Go to Settings.
  18. Head over to Device settings.
  19. Now Tap Connected Devices.
  20. Click Echo Wall Clock.
  21. Unpair.

The clock has been removed now. Users can repair it now. Speak to Alex device for setting up the Echo Wall Clock. Press and hold blue button; it will place the clock in the pairing mode. Light on the clock will turn out to be orange if it is ready to pair up. Users can get an idea that it is connected to Alexa device once it is blue. The clock will itself set it to the correct time. Now sync with Alexa device. Have some patience because it may take some time. LED will get off now and all will be well.

Turn off the Multi-Room Music

  1. Timers and the Alarms won’t show on you Echo wall Clock if they are paired up the speakers.
  2. If you want the clock to operate accurately, then remove the speaker.
  3. If you have to remove the speaker without doing any harm to the group, then open the Alex app.
  4. Tap the Devices icon.
  5. Go to Your Smart Home Skills
  6. Then-Speaker Groups.
  7. Look for the speaker that you need to unpair.
  8. Now click on the Unpair Speaker System.
  9. The clock will now show your timers and the alarms.
  10. Your issue must get resolved by now.

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