How to Make Table of Contents in Pages on Mac

While creating a painstakingly lengthy document in Pages on Mac, the Table of Contents will help in complete the task in an organized manner. The Table of Contents is similar to books which allow the reader to determine the page number and directly go to the desired page. But the process to make the Table of Contents could be a challenging task. So if you are in need of some guidance for creating the Table of Contents, then follow the steps mentioned below in the guide and create the Table of Contents in Pages on your Mac system.

Here’s How to Make Content Table in Pages on Mac

Inserting Table of Contents

  1. Open a document in Pages.
  2. Click the Insert option from the upper toolbar.
  3. Navigate to Table of Contents.
  4. A new menu will emerge out the Table of Contents
  5. Now, move to the Document from the emerged menu.
  6. It will apply the table to the whole document.
  7. Move to Section option where it will apply the table to the particular section of your choice.
  8. The “To Next Occurrence” will collect the data between one table of content to another table of content.

Format the Table of Contents

  1. As you have inserted the table of contents, you can select the text styles and fonts for it.
  2. Select the table which you can see by clicking the Format button on the right corner.
  3. The Table of Contents bar will appear.
  4. Now, you can select or deselect the styles for your text in the document.

Make the Table of Contents

  1. As you have gone through the first two steps of this whole process, you can now apply the styles to your Table of Contents.
  2. When you apply the styles to the text, the Page automatically creates and updates the table.
  3. Keep the sidebar open for you to make the whole process easier. When the bar is open, you can easily apply the styles to the text.
  4. Once you apply the type to your text, the formatting will display.
  5. When you decide to try a new style, select the arrow from the top and choose the style to appear it in the Table of Contents.

Remember when you are making the Table of Contents, the procedure cannot be as simple as it seems to be. While inserting and using the Table of Contents, you must take time to understand the functionality. So have patience while creating the Table of Contents in Pages on your Mac.

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