How to Move Switch Games Between microSD Cards

If your existing microSD card is full of your favorite games that you’ve been playing on the Nintendo Switch, or you want to swap it for a new one, then you’d preferably look forward to transfer the games to a new microSD.  It’ll never get easier without the steps stated below that helps you move your games.

Steps for transferring Nintendo Switch games from an old microSD to a new one

•    First, you’ll have to turn off your handheld console, for this hold the power button, now choose Power Options, and then select Turn off option.

•    Eject the old microSD, which is located below the plastic stand on the right side, by gently pressing it in the downward direction which will make it come out of the socket.

•    Insert the microSD into the adapter or card reader on your computer. Once connected, you’ll be able to access the SD card in File Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac.

•    After you have located the USB device, open it and look for a folder named Nintendo. All your favorite games are inside.

•    Copy the folder by selecting it and then pressing ctrl+C on Windows, or cmd+C on Mac. Paste it to your desired location on the computer by pressing ctrl+V or cmd+V on Windows and Mac devices respectively.

•    After storing the games to your PC, which is a backup in case you somehow lose the games, you can remove the microSD from the adapter or slot.

•    Now, insert the new microSD into the card reader slot which will be recognized by your computer and will display in File Explorer or Finder on Windows and Mac respectively.

•    Copy the ‘Nintendo’ folder, from where you had pasted it earlier from the old SD card, and paste it in the new microSD card.

•    Wait for the download to finish and then remove the microSD from the slot.

•    Insert the SD card into the slot of Nintendo Switch‘s card slot. Make sure the console is turned off.

•    Now, turn on the console and look for your games under the Data Management screen in the System Settings option.

In case of folly, like an error while downloading or unsuccessful transfer, you can always look forward to re-downloading the original game setup from Nintendo’s eshop using the default Nintendo Account.

That’s it, the above method will let you successfully transfer games from your existing microSD to a new one.

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