Pokemon GO: Trainer Battles to Get Stat Boosts

Niantic is constant with its introduction of new Pokemon through raid battles and challenge events, but they also maintain regular balance changes for the title.

Pokémon GO trainer battles are going to experience some tweaks and changes in the stat boost. Although trainer battles have experienced a lot of changes in the past still Niantic is planning to tweak and change to in act better balance and improve on in-game interactions.

Recently Niantic tweaked some of the fast and charge attack moves and changed the damage output for moves like razor leaf, waterfall. Smackdown and waterfall.

It seems like developers at Niantic have some more tweaks to include for the title. As recently a new post was published on the official Pokémon GO site stating that the upcoming update would increase the stat boost for trainer battles which would come in effect for some special moves.

 Once a particular move is initiated, the increased stat boost will last for the entire battle until the affected Pokémon gets fainted or is switched with any other Pokémon.

Currently, only three moves can activate the stat boost. Still, it is possible that Niantic may include more moves in the list in the future.  The three moves mentioned below have a high probability of activating the stat boost.

  • Ominous Wind:- Can result in increased Attack and Defense.
  • Ancient Power:- Can result in increased Attack and Defense.
  • Silver Wind:- Can result in increased Attack and Defense.

The post also stated that more additions to the trainer battles would be coming soon, but it is still not clear what other improvements would be included for the title.

As the Swinub Community Day event is said to be included on February 16th, trainers across the globe are quite excited and are looking forward to grabbing new shiny Swinub for themselves.  

And in addition to the new event players can also test the new Stat Boost for the move as mentioned earlier. Players are excited to participate in the Swinub Event as some of the community day challenges will allow players to receive Sinnoh Stone which could help them in upgrading their generation 4 Pokemon.

, the Challenge event players can also evolve a Piloswine into a Mamoswine during 2 PM EST – 5 PM EST. As you evolve your Piloswine to Mamoswine, then your evolved creature can learn Ancient Power move by its self.

Ancient Power is one of the special charged moves, which could be used to activate the Stat Boost for the Pokémon so trainers should try to grab on to at least one Swinub in order to experience this awesome feature.  

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