PUBG Mobile Season 4 is Coming Soon

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds new season is coming soon for Mobile. PUBG has gone viral with its offering for an amazing gaming experience. The game has added new features recently, and the developer is making it better to satisfy the gamers. It is the fastest growing game ever developed in history where millions of gamers are active every day. The record-breaking activity on PUBG is proof that the game offers pure entertainment.

Recently, the developers revealed that downloads for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile had crossed 100 Million in 4 months. Since the popularity of this game is increasing, the developers are making every effort to satisfy the gamers by releasing new updates and adding features. Now, PUBG Corporation has announced the new Mobile season 4. The Corporation recently revealed the dates for the new season for PUBG Mobile.

According to the developers, the new season is releasing by 21 November. PUBG showed the number of downloads increased by 600 thousand when the new maps and weapons were added in the new updates which were recently released. There is another thing which will excite every PUBG player – the new season of PUBG Mobile is launching with new features.

1- Erangel (Hardcore)

While playing the Erangel Hardcore game mode, the footprints of other players are invisible, and the firing location will also be hidden. The game apparently becomes more challenging as the enemy’s footprints cannot be tracked and hence this game mode will not help to find the enemy.

2- New Weapon, Vehicle, and Weather

The new season of PUBG mobile is introducing some new items in the game. The Sanhok map will be introducing scooters which the computer version had. Since the gamers liked the colorful scooters in the computer version, the developers decided to include two-wheeler in new Mobile version. Not only the new automobile included in the game but also the weapon is added in the new release. The players can rob this new M762 Assault Rifle and it is just like stealing other weapons.

3- New Season 4 Royal Pass

To get the extra benefits, the player has to buy the Royal Passes. There is two mode passes added in the new release having the same price giving the weekly challenges.

4- New Characters, Skins, and Outfits

A feature was added in the last PUBG 0.9.0 update, with which the player can have a conversation with others. Now, the new game release will have the characters, skins, and outfits. The impressively animated characters may look familiar in the season 4 release. The royal pass holders will be seeing some more added features and options for their characters.

5- Snow Map

A new map was recently added in the previous updates of PUBG, and this time again the Season 4 will introduce a new snow map. But, it will take time to unlock the snow map just like unlocking the Sanhok map.

6- Updating to PUBG Mobile Season 4

Updating the PUBG Mobile season 4 is not a difficult task which you can easily do. It only requires to go to the app store of your device.

  • Updating PUBG Mobile in iOS
  1. Open the Apple App Store in your iOS device.
  2. Search PUBG and tap the updates section.
  3. Now, select to open PUBG from the list and tap on Update option.
  4. Enter the passcode if prompted and proceed to select yes in the popup.
  • Updating PUBG Mobile in Android
  1. Open Google Play Store in your Android device.
  2. Tap on the menu bar and open My apps section.
  3. Tap Update button and go to PUBG.
  4. Open it and tap on Update.

Now, your PUBG Mobile will be updated to the new season. Enjoy the game, and the experience with new items included this time in PUBG.

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