The Billion Pixels Phone is here: Lenovo Z6 Pro

Chang Cheng, the VP of Lenovo Group, announced earlier this week on Weibo that the company would launch the Lenovo Z6 Pro on 26 March. But, anything like what was planned and said did not happen, and now it is slated to launch in April. Cheng teased us that the phone would come with a 100MP camera, and Lenovo could be the first tech company to come up with such a device.

However, it is speculated that smartphones with 100MP or mid-100MP camera would hit the market by the end of this year. The Lenovo Z6 Pro may have an in-built Snapdragon 855 processor, and a 5G enabled  X50 modem. Lenovo has been coming up with accolading first to feature devices, like the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT which has 12GB of RAM, first in any commercial smartphone.

Such hardware-software amalgamation causes our conspiracy theory thoughts to swirl spice on a top secret like Illuminati comics. What if a no hardware -only frequency enabled device has already been created, which engulfs all the known tech and other fascinating magical technology. At least for now, Qualcomm gives leverage to this comical frenzy by announcing hardware support for camera sensors with power numbering hundreds of Mega Pixels.

The VP of the Chinese smartphone brand stated that the ‘HyperVision’ tech used in the Z6 Pro would be capable of delivering ‘Hyper Videos.’ He added that Hyper Videos will have a transfer capability of 10Gbps as compared to 100Mbps-1Gbps of 4G videos. Cheng has said that Lenovo would soon be releasing all the details regarding the new camera technology and pricing in further announcements.

In any case, you should be vigilant in believing the claims made by smartphone manufacturers, which sometimes seem to be exaggerated announcements on release of first of a kind devices. It is also speculated that the camera sensor may not be 100MP in its lone capacity. Instead, the total combined power of all lens would mount to be 100MP.

The post shared on Cheng’s Weibo account carries a hashtag  ‘亿级像素’ which is Mandarin for ‘billion level pixels.’ It is a metaphor or realism will be  known once the phone, which matches the imaging capability of high-end DSLRs like Hasselblad, is finally launched.

High resolution pictures captures from high-end cameras like Hasselblad and Fujifilm has been impressing us since a long, now it is time that such tech is seen in smartphones. If you want to see a glimpse of how a 57 billion MP picture looks then you can jump to Bentley’s webpage where it showcases a picture combined of 1,825 frames in the NASA style which is really impressive.

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